Two values listing how close to the lower higher frequencies the codec can reach. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site. I didn’t see any. While the power and reset buttons are located near the pins for the front panel connections, the “clear CMOS” button is on the rear port cluster, so there’s no need to fiddle with jumpers inside the PC case any time a BIOS setting doesn’t go to plan. Dedicated fan control Keep control over your hardware.

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The larger the gap, the better. See the qquadgt below. I am not a gamer myself but I would guess that if you installed a cutting edge card in that board the RAM and CPU would probably hold back the performance. Reproduction and distribution in any form without permission is strictly prohibited.

ABIT IX38 QuadGT – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – X38 Overview – CNET

As you get closer to zero there’s more noise and lesser audio fidelity. Just browsed the review.

If it hits them perfectly it’ll display a 0, 0. You might wanna have a look at the following article too: I need power and lots of it. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve.

Apart from that, we didn’t have any problems with the board’s layout. The option is round the on chip devices bit where you can dissable the network socket and the JMB chip IDE socket iirc. I didn’t see any.

Abit ix38 QuadGt system fail-safe By marinosb in forum abit. Installing it in the first slot should automatically detect. Bottom Line This is very much a board for enthusiasts. You can usually run one card of either brand in any motherboard. You can only get so much out of it. As Fingers stated above, the board must be designed to run the cards.


I can’t download a manual to verify. I did find a review of that board. Closer to zero is better. If there isnt, perhaps it got switched off in the bios, though I dont see how adding a hard drive could do this, as it defaults to being on.

I know that the SLI is not crossfire but this motherboard still works, but the old HIS crossfire card are no longer made for it, so i am looking for an video card to use so i can bring this old motherboard back in use again.

Abit’s IX38 QuadGT wears the GT moniker with some justification; it was fast in most of our tests and has plenty of features that will tickle many an enthusiasts fancy. The review seems to indicate that board can run either brand GPUs in pairs. You also have the option to mount an extra active fan on top of the heat sink. Now i am on an ssi disability check from an work injury and i cant really go out and buy an i7 core one, so i am seeing if i can just upgrade this old abit board to aufio some games and give me another year with it, i even thought about updating the os to win 7 64 bit but the abit company dont have any win 7 bio for it, so i am seeing what i can do and get out of this old gaming setup before it retired like my old win xp evga that rock with the old i but i had one of the bad ones that later burn out after it won the best game motherboard that year too, that when i went to this abit setup and going to try to make amd as is now my game setup since back then the nvidia ran too hot and then burn out on me.


All up though, it’s jx38 built, has good features and runs quietly. You need to find a manual.

Abit IX38 QuadGT User Manual: Internal Audio Connector; Front Panel Audio Connection Header

The Digital PWM silent cooling heat sink consists of extra slim and extra high fins thereby effectively increasing cooling. By Infected in forum abit. Qudgt Question Form such as ” Why? Less than an Hour Ago Time Zone: Plus for the gamer, yes very so, i am picky about the details and the speed that i can get as i play the game, i am still an newbie to building gaming pc and when i got a good size check, i brought the abit board since it was name the best gaming board at the time, then when vista came out, i upgrade the os to the latest setting and got the to replace the old ati card that i had at the time, qhadgt forgot what model they was but they was the old ati that had the first crossfire build in and you didnt need the cable since it hardwire into the card but you had to make sure the motherboard has crossfire since that how you set up the cards in the crossfire mode.

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