My Flextight II stopped working: Share This Page Tweet. Next week, I’ll be shooting some slide film around my home town in the Horseman and once the adapter arrives I’ll be ready to scan some serious images. You can set the scanner and pay attention when it kicks the negative holder out at the end. Notify me of new posts via email. Power supplies go out from time to time as I understand so someone might benefit from the info.

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Originally Posted by Rangefinderfreak. I’ve had scans made by a local lab with Nikon and done the same images with my Imacon The Imacon pulls out more detail in the shadows.

For sale my Imacon Flextight film Scanner & Mac mini | IMACON | Flickr

Find More Posts by Athiril. You can create digital files with great fidelity efficiently and rapidly for preservation or processing because the Hasselblad has a wonderful capability of scanning photos in color mode. Yes, but if you pay attention you can see that info from the thread you linked is older than that from Rangefinderfreak Sept. This light source can be adjusted in intensity as necessary to penetrate dense negatives.

Discussion in ‘ Digital Darkroom imaacon started by radim sulc www. Back to your first question about the resolution with 6×6. The is at least 4x the cost of the – the original question was regarding the imcaon is only 2x the cost of the Page 1 of 2. When it use, it never reaches that. About What happened to dantestella. You can digitally preserve your favorite snapshots in sharp detail for long-term storage as this desktop scanner features a great functionality.


The Flextights, likewise, seem to have consumable carriers in the sense that the magnetic material will eventually experience fatigue and crack, particularly if handled roughly.

Find More Posts by bjolester. Originally Posted by eckart Yes Bjorn, there is a place in Danmark, look here http: All of lfextight is generally consistent with more casual comparisons between the and the Nikon.

Imacon Flextight 343 Hasselblad Color Negative Scanner

Originally Posted by Athiril It is very much like a flatbed scanner actually, it just uses an enlarging lens instead of a on sensor lens array on the line sensor. Originally Posted by brbo Ups! I am currently scanning my medium format films on an Epson V, and for my use I am perfectly happy with the results that I am achieving.

Originally Posted by johannielscom.

Imacon Flextight – film scanner – desktop – FireWire Overview – CNET

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See how easy it is to make a loaded comparison? Originally Posted by Athiril That also happened to ourbut we got flxtight warranty package, and some components were replaced iirc, the mainboard also doesn’t have either passive or active cooling on the components, I’m also convinced it was overheating components, that and one of the wires to one of the lamps was exposed bare and started sparking, as the tray you open and close would grinding against it with the gear eventually stripping the plastic coating away.


Imacon Flextight 343 – film scanner – desktop – FireWire

I mostly scan to be able to study my work on a screen, in order to improve as a film photographer, flextiyht secondly for posting images on the web. I have read somewhere that Hasselblad in Sweden rlextight no support for the older Flextight scanners anymore. Originally Posted by Merlijn53 Could it be a scsi problem? For my comparison purposes, I’ve just proven to you that my Volvo is as good as a Ferrari Enzo by ignoring data that doesn’t support my contention.

Until it shuts down spontaneously. That said, the only handles a imadon of 5 frames of 35mm film in a strip, though with an aftermarket holder, you can do two at a time.

Attached Images X 1. Finallydpi reacts really poorly with grain on Tri-X, almost as if the grain is at the Nyquist frequency for the scanner. Second, is there a likely mechanical failure in the future?