After the two crashes the camera still looks and works like new. I dont know how to use this and I dont have time today to learn.. Important facts you should know about the oils that are used in our model engine fuels. Feb 13, Because it is inside the plastic shrink tube it can be tricky to push this button. Worse than that, it’s not even a very good camera for collecting onboard video. I would say that the on board camera is handling situations mostly good and that there are a few exceptions where you would have been glad if it had done something else.

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Send a private message to AMA Then when trying to turn it on again nothing happens and no led’s are showing anything. My guess is there was something wrong “inside” the other cam that didn’t work right. Here is a copy.

In short — the video files are big and the footage varies from really bad to mediocre in terms of quality and rather hobbyling on a per-minute of video recorded basis. May 20, Now HobbyKing have a new offering that, at first glance, challenges those HD keychain cameras, while adding some interesting new features. Remove the memory card from the camera and plug it into you memory card reader this one for example: I may be old but I don’t feel it. Got some nice videos and they are uploading to youtube as I write.


The plastic that covers the front of the pod should have been cleaned before the flight; this would have improved the picture somewhat. Have the Chinese finally developed a real contender with the iMax 9X? Check out the high speed spin and impact. The only small problem is that I have family coming this weekend and I probably won’t get flying time. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Hobbyking HD Wing Camera Revised Manual (now in English) – RC Groups

For more information on speed classes etc. The ‘reviews’ didn’t really come as a surprice.

If you fail the camera will shut down winh you will have to start over again. I was really hoping this would be a kick-ass way to integrate the functions of FPV camera and onboard video camera — but it’s not.

HD Wing camera xp 30fps review | MidnightSunRC Blog

Motion detection photo mode: Share This Page Tweet. DutchRCJul 13, I therefore suspect that the card is defective. SK90 It’s cheap but can it really stack up against other glow engines in the. Look at the led lights to know which mode you are in. Move selection down in the setup menu in TV mode I haven’t found any other use for this button Reset button: I got one of these cameras a couple of days ago, and I sat down to try to understand how to use it.


HD Wing 1280x720p Caméra 30fps 5MP CMOS

You get into the motion detection mode as described above. Don’t have an account? There is also a pdf manual for a camera that does not look the same as this one but I think it is the same inside.

Does all this 2.

HD Wing camera 1280x720p 30fps from HobbyKing.com

Given the comparatively poor quality of the video as well, I’d be tempted to believe that this was simply a standard-definition camera with some software doing upscaling to p resolution. Click on the images below to see them at full size Originally Posted by camdra. Return to Aerial Photography.