This can give you the best of both worlds on one map display… detailed color aerial imagery along with contour lines from the topo data. Can you tell me exactly how to download it? Thanks in advance for the feedback, counsel and pointers! Robert Robert – May 25th, Look for it as a free firmware update to the PN soon.

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No tracking, no messages. Stephen – October 30th, I just checked and Delorme does not have aerial satelite imagery for Canada on its map library subscription. When I can hike faster than the screen can update, that’s slow.

delorme pn-40 and Topo usa 8.0

I am a Mac guy and have been learning this software on a windows vista lap top vista being the source of most of my frustrations but have figured it out. Delorke R – May 26th, Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? I find it easy to read. The unit was great to use and quite an update to my old Magellan.


A few years ago, I did some extensive geo-referencing photo stuff on the Big Island, using an older Garmin. I have never owned a GPS, but now looking to purchase one. Of the various features of the PN, three of them especially appeal to me: Joel, Delotme will work fine.

Start Topo on your computer. But it’s much easier to get a huge memory card and then dump everything into it.

Can I trust my PN40 to perform correctly in the future? I used to hike with topo maps and a compass, and I had a sense of accomplishment at the end of the journey.

DeLorme PN GPS Review

For example I like the GPS setup one way for geocaching, another way for hiking, and yet another way for kayaking. Brian, See my post to Mark above. Note If you bypass this screen, you can enter your certificate key later. I have found that they have very short life when compared to NiMH and lithium pb-40 battery types. What sets the PN apart is the availability of other types of maps. Third disadvantage is battery life: The camera is surprisingly good and is especially useful for those situations, such as difficult terrain, when my Nikon is secured away delormf my backpack.


delorme pn and Topo usa | Adventure Rider

So I end up having to keep my important tracks in the active slot until I download them. Considering the overall package though, this really turns out to be a minor inconvenience. One person found this helpful.

Since using more and more devices that have them my dislike for the feature has subdued a little bit. I will check out the forum.

It’s plenty big enough and very very easy to zoom in and out. Finally a firmware update is planned that will facilitate geocaching directly on the device.

Lots of work and really helpful. Thanks Robert, That really clears the picture for me! Dave – September 3rd, DeLorme had a fairly solid design so they stuck with it.